I have low body temp of 95 & 96 cough fever without advil slightly red in face a!

Question: this has been going on for about a month, but on a steady decline to where i'm cold all the time unless its 80 degrees, to the point where now the fever will come if i don't keep advil in my system. i don't like taking meds unless it is a dire situation, because i have a high tolerance for dealing with sickness. now theres coughing to go with it which has caused my throat to be swollen, and i'm trying to deal with allergies at the same time, i quit smoking a month and a half ago cold turkey after 14 years of it and feel good about that.
With all due respect, you should not be looking for a diagnosis on this site. I am in the medical field, and I am constantly horrified by the amount of totally wrong information/suggestions that I see here on a hourly basis. Even if someone says they are a nurse or doctor, you have no idea if they really are or not. On the internet, you can be anything you want to be. There are resources out there. Go to your doctor, or at least call your doctor. Many offices have nurse practitioners who can return you calls and answer questions. Call the nurse at your city/county Public Health office. At least you will know that you can trust their expertise. I believe this site is useful for things such as…I have been diagnosed with such and such disease/condition, what is your experience with it. OR where can I find more information of such and such. But asking people to diagnose you here is dangerous……

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You're sick.. turn off the puter and GO TO BED!.lol suck down some gatorade, chicken soup and sleep! ya silly
Actually I hears of the nicotene withdrawels being like that. Yeah, even a month later being like that. But in a lot of places the cold/flu is high grade so that may be what you got. Your high tolerance may have gotten you into a deeper situation with your sickness. Go to a Dr. ASAP cause low body temp as well as high isn't good. Noone should be sick like that for so long unless it's something that was worse than a simple cold and since it didn't get treated it got worse and is lasting so long. Mono, maybe? Strep throat? Taberculosis? (hope not) probably just a bad flu! Get well!
You should see a doctor if your symptoms (likely to be an infection) have been going on for so long.
I am not a doctor. but a nurse, and I am telling you that it sounds like an issue with your thyroid. Symptoms of HYPO thyroidism (underactive thyroid) are low body temp, tired, fatigued, cold all the time, tendency to put on weight. or difficulty losing weight,.Also thinning hair.
You need to see a doc. get your bloodwork done.Ask for a TSH test (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone). They will put you on meds, youll be better. Good luck


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