how do i get my penis longer with out taking pills and using a penis pump?!

Question: my penis is 2 in and i do not wont to use anything to make it grow.
size isn't everything! small can be beautiful! I am female and I know i can be satisfied by a smaller than average penis. its not how much you have but what you can do with it. I'll give you lessons if you like!

Other Answers:
Hang a 50 pound weight from the end. You'll lose the girth and then the girls will call you pencil dick.
Needle dick
soak it in cider
Take your penis...
shut it in the trunk of a car (while you're standing on the outside)
Have someone start driving and it should increase the size by.. maybe a foot or so.
Oh, this is your FIRST question!! You must be so proud!
ok, if you do not want to take pills, nor do anything to it, how do you expect it to grow? Watering it?
There is a device found online called "The Grip" expensive but heard it works if youre highly motivated and stick with it. good luck
Sorry, it is what it is. If you are young (you don't say) it may still grow, however all of the creams and pumps and other junk are just that, junk.
talk to a Rabi
Get married, worked for my hubby..
As Davidmi711 says, all the pills, pumps and creams are junk. If you are really serious, there are surgeries that are available. Contact a urologist and discuss it with him.
All you have do is pray to GOD for the woman that only you will please. Every woman is different and will not be satisfied by each and every man. GOD gave you that for a reason and when you Pray to GOD for your wife, than it dont matter what your size may be and she will love it. Dont mess up what GOD gave you. Dont let other people ridicule you or put you down.


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