looking for pain relief for sciatica.?!

Question: I am trying to find pain relief for sciatica. Does any one have an old time suggestions?
Talk to an orthopedic surgeon. Steroids do help but you don't want to take them on a regular basis, they can do more damage than good. However taking a Dexpak 13 day prescription maybe once every year or two years can help for temporary relief. An OS can send you to a specialist that has a set up that you walk on like a computerized treadmill that observes how you walk and can create shoes or inserts to put in your shoes to correct inappropriate strides that can often put stress on the sciatic nerve and cause pain. My stride was so far off the insert that goes in my right shoe is almost an inch thick, but it does make a difference. I can walk farther with less pain. I have never had any success at the chiropractor. A good Nsaid helps but too much ibuprofen can eat the lining in your stomach. Ask your doctor about Mobic.

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