I used vicoden last year for pain, I took four drug test in a month and they all!

Question: This was after I had stopped using it.
b/c you're a crackhead

Other Answers:
Vicoden, generic hydrocodone, is a narcotic codeine derivative. It takes a while to get out of your system. You didn't mention how long after you stopped the meds before you had the drug tests, but the Vicoden may not have cleared your system yet.
I wouldnt assume it was the meds that made your test positive, there are things that we eat and drink that can make a test positive, for instance poppy seeds can be a false positive for weed, and theres a herb, its slipped my mind though, its a flase positive for cocaine, i would ask the lab what drug acme up positive, in any case if you have a persciption for vicoden you can show them your persciption and that should get you off the hook :)


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