i choke at night with stomach acid. how do i find a solution?!

I had similar problems,try Prilosec, it might be a little expensive but it really works.

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have you tried eating yougart to reduce acis reflux..?
protonix, ask your doctor about it.
i have the same problem ! stop smoking at night drink a lot of water a lottt ! dont eat fruits only cheese and no bread ! the vapor of ur acid go up to ur heart and ur lungs so drink water it will helps the acid to stay in ur stomach without vaporitation
Drugs may reduce the symptoms, but you need to take a look at ur diet. If ur doc can't help, I'd seek out a nutrionist. At a guess I'd say you don't drink enough water, and you probably want to try eating some slow release carbs before bed, such as cereals or oats.
I know exactly what you're going through - go to the store and check out Prilosec OTC. Its fairly cheap, somewhere around $10 for a 2 week course. You only have to take one pill a day, in the morning before breakfast. Within 2 or 3 days, you'll notice a huge difference.

After 14 days, your stomach has healed to the point that usually you won't experience any more acid reflux for at least 3 - 4 months. After that, you may need to do it again.

If it is *really* bad, you can take two 14 week courses, one after the other to treat severe cases.

If this doesn't work, you need to head to the doctors office, you've probably got gall bladder problems, or something else serious.
I'm guessing you have acid reflux disease. I too have this. Do not eat before you go to bed or eat a couple of hours before. When you lay down, acid tends to reflux. Also, do not eat spicy foods or things that upset your stomach. If this problem persists, you should see a doctor. Some medicines to try is pepcid ac. Don't try the chewable tablet things, use the all day pills that you have to take all day. This will prevent you from having this. I'm on Nexium and it works well. If it continues you could have a stomach ulcer or some kind of digestive problem. Feel better!
nexium helped me
Two simple things that may help are sitting up straight after eating for an hoor, and setting the head of your bed on blocks so your feet are lower than your head. Eat smaller meals more often, lose weight and see the doc, because it can cause cancer of the esophagas if left to burn overthe years.


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