When you go on a diet how long do you usually last?!

it all depends. if I'm dating someone is kinda difficult because you know, you go places like to the movies,restaurants etc etc and i don't think is a turn on to tell your bf you are on a diet. when i was single I could last 3 weeks, one month and I saw the results i wanted but now that I'm living with my bf is impossible to be on a diet because he always wants to eat out! I'm not going to olive garden sit there and just have a salad right?
but if I'm on a diet and that means taking pills to not feel hungry is different. If i dont feel hungry I can always go to olive garden and eat salad only :) tomorrow I start this wonderful diet that i can only afford when I have no debts (because is kinda expensive) but oh boy! it really helps !

Other Answers:
74 days.
A 1/2 day. Sad, but those darn cookies are the problem, not me! lol
17.2 minutes.. or until I see a candy bar - whichever comes first!
Diets are only temporary weight loss and it is impossible to stay on one forever. Eat healthy and excercise. That is the only way to keep the pounds off.
I lost over 155 pounds on Herbalife nutrition in 15 months and have kept it off for 3-1/2 years.


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