what are the shoes of the summer in 2006?!

Question: flats? vans? tennies? flip flops? and also where? journeys? finish line? foot locker? flips flops from old navy or hollister?
a pair of cute bright colored flats is awesome they are not high like wedges and are amazingly omfortalbe. flip flops always work but are boring. if you get a pair of wedges make sure the heel is wide and not too tall cuz then they are really uncomfortable. if you get the lace up kind, just go around your ankle once and tie a bow then cut the rest of the ribbon off then they are hott. but flats are my all time fave

Other Answers:
Espadrilles are definitely the shoes of this summer.
wedge sandalls with 3" heels. i think they are definitely IN!
vans are out, dr. martens sandals are in.
it seems like crocs are everywhere, they are kind of growing on me. It also seems like Skechers has a lot of "strappy" sandals. there is a really cute pair of dark "leather" ones for about 30 bucks. Heels really seem in but I don't do heels.
wedges are everywhere ;)


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