Texturizer Vs. Relaxers?!

Question: I am a black woman, age 21, who is considering going from natural to texturized hair. I have just transitioned from having relaxed hair and I was wondering if texturizers were any safer for hair or if texturizing would be even necessary. All I really want are curls that are looser and more defined with the option of being able to straighten my hair occasionally with less stress put on it.

Anyone out there who has tried this? How did it work for you and what products do you use?

And, if texturizers aren't necessary, what can I do to define my curls and reduce frizz?
if u get a texturizer go to a professional.i only recommend a pro for a text because they are so tricky.box at home kits usually suck and are no good for the bulk of natural hair unless u have a really short haircut.

a text. will loosen ur curl and a relaxer will straighten it.but a text will only do so much in loosening your curl.it will not turn pen spring curls into pencil size curls only loosen them and make them hang lower if that is what u have.point being a text will not create magic.also getting a text on a regular basis will loosen your curl more.

fantasia ic gel is a one that i hear about alot that is good for making a curly style.on wet hair and i use grease on mine when i want to really make my curls pop.when u have applied everything in small sections shake and let airdry..

Other Answers:
If all you want are curls you shouldnt get a relaxer. A relaxer is going to straighten your hair, the only way you will have curls is if you use some rollers or curlers. A texturizer however is going to make your hair straight, but it will still have curls. I havent tried this but I know someone who has. Try a texturizer like the one provided in the link, you can use it on short or long hair. You can buy it at sallys and drugstores like walgreens,cvs,etc. I recommend you use products in the Curl Free Curl line or products in the lusters pink line. Lusters Pink may be better for you thou.
I haven't tried this but recently I've been reading about the "Wash and Wear" relaxer. You are supposed to have the option of wearing your hair "semi-natural" or have the straight hair look. It seems interesting. Check out the web link below and see what you think.


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