how do i go about modeling?!

Question: i just really wanna be one! and some people say i should be. but how do i become one?
Empty your head and then pout. In your spare time, smoke a lot and practice your bulimia technique. Seriously, why would you want such a useless job?

Other Answers:
It's an expensive process--your portfolio pix and all. Better to know someone at Walmart--they use relatives of real employees. If you look good there, someone bigger and better is sure to notice you.
i wouldnt bug with it. lets just say that u got a modeling career. u would have to stay skinny as heck and stay that way. u may have to change urself completly and do things totally differently. it's a tough and competitive field to get in to. a person can be gorgeous model material but the agency may not want them. there can be someone not really modeling material and the agency wants to bring them in and change them and all. just make sure thats what u really want.
note that you must be real slim and should weigh nothing more than 120pds.


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