Does anyone know if one testicle does the work of both ones or not?!

Question: I want to know if it is better two have both testicles in order to have hormone balance and enough sperm or not?
One is enough.
Have a friend who had to have one removed, and he is fine now (no meds) and has had 2 kids since the surgery.

Other Answers:
One ball is enough and you won't have a hormone imbalance (unless there's something wrong with the one left).
Are you thinking of getting castrated?
I also know someone with one, and he is also fine. I don't think it matters much.
It's better for balance. My balls are so big that if I were to lose one I'd have to strap weights to that ankle to keep from tipping over.

But that's just me.
one is enought?
I had a budd that got kicked by a cow when he was a kid.
He had to have one of his nuts removed, but he is just as normal as anyone with 2 balls.
By the way, the ladies can't get enough of him.
Sometimes you feel like a nut . sometimes you don't ! Seriously . one is all you need . the amount of sperm may be of a shorter supply . but you only need one to get the job done . if that is what you are shooting for (pun intended) !
I think the d--k in the middle contributes to both at the same time, why do you think the head is bigger than the rest, it has a mind of it's own...If you only got one, that means less work for him
If you don't have both testicles you still can get a girl pregnant it may just take you longer. But alot of men only have one and have family's.So I wouldn't worry.
Im no doctor But I am married to one and I am a nurse.I am 100% sure that ya only need one.It can do the job.Now will ya girl freak out when she notices one missin-not if the lights are out.
Try this test and judge for yourself,,,,,,,take a rubberband and wrap it tighly around one testy,,,leave it on for 60 minutes,,then masterbate,,,,now do the other side the same way,,,,after you,ve done each one seperately,,,wrap them both together TIGHT,,,leave it for 3 hours,,,,then masterbate,,,,,yes,,you will definately find the answer you're looking for,,,,,,,if not ,,,just change your name to "Blue"
One testicle will work just fine. When my son was born he had a strangulated testical that had to be removed. The doctors told me he would led a completely normal life with just one including being able to have kids. Although he doesn't have kids yet, he has developed mormally and has an actice sex life. He shared with me that he is having sex regularly with his girlfriend. Not that I wanted to hear about it!
The sperm has nothing to do with your hormones.
one is enough


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