What is the point of this?!

Question: Is it for people with too much time on their hands?
It's all about our 5 minutes of feel-good fame.

Other Answers:
"this"? what's this?
to see if they can be this level
Not originally set up for that.
Lazy people that don't want to research their own questions, I suppose.
Yes I have no life
I found an answer that I have been serching for for years, and couldn't find, even with advanced web searches, because I got too many results. I finally went here, and had an answer in about 5 minutes.

Yes, some people hang out here a lot, but some people give good answers, and some people need good answers.

Other people don't know how to use a search engine, so they ask simple questions here that can be "yahoo'd" (never google when you can yahoo!).
hahaha i don't know but i think that questions that you can't find on the web but another aspect of it would be that yahoo is trying to get more ppl be on their website instead of others...lol
no, i mean, it's really awesome. no, i have not t0oo much time on my hands.
you tell me, you're here aren't you?
Well you are on here,so you tell me!
no just a handy way to find information that your having difficulty getting, and to help out some other ppl along the way.
If you can't see the point, than there is no point in telling you the point of this. So there's two points for me and -5 points for you and two points back to you when you choose this point as the best point and then I get 10 points. Get the point pointie
It is for people that aren't good at research to pick the brains of other people that may have what they are looking for. Many people here are just people with way too much time on their hands but most are looking for something and some actually want to help people.
If with "this", you mean youqa answers, I find it very useful. It is a very good idea. I guess it is in some ways nicer than using a search engine. Here you are interacting with real people.
Lol, really, what do you mean by "This"?
Being on here isn't for people with too much time on there hands, they just want a damn break.
It's people like me who rarely sleep.zoom zoom zoom.
Do you mean, what is the point of this forum? It is a neat way to help others. For me, it is a way of communicating and being friendly and helpful. It is chicken soup for the soul!
Ask a good question .and you'll be surprised - I was ! Have a lovely day :o)
I'm assuming that you mean the youqa answers's thing. And I would say it is more like a game. One where you can lend out your knowledge, and by doing so you earn points.

But yeah, I think that a lot of the people on here have a lot of time on their hands. Or they are simply wasting there time (which is what I am doing)

All in all, have fun with the questions and answers, that it what it is for.
hey you wrote the question. What do you think.. A lot of people like to help.
The REAL point of this that most people do not get is too One. When you cannot find something in a search engine or need a better more direct answer you go to youqa answers. But some people well about 89% of them ion here do not understand that and abuse it in ways of gaming for points, getting attention and using it as a fun chat site which IT IS NOT! So take my word this is really what it is supposed to be used for and not a chat gaming for points attention site!
Myself and the usage of this site!
Personally, I try to answer questions that are truly asking for help. My usual place to be is Homework Help. This morning, I am browsing.. Have about 10 more minutes before serious housework calls my name.
I think the point is for Yahoo to get more people interested in their site but the great part is, I think it is useful for quick research, for those with some time on their hands, and for an unbiased opinion.
It is to help people who needs help and help meke the world a better place for us all to live in.I believe in that!
You need some one to understand you.
well y ru here?
gd way 2 get answers 2 questions that u can't find newhere else
Some people feel like they cant ask some questions to people they know, this is a good place to get a good persepective on a problem.
A lot of people with depression come on here, really reaching out to talk to people that feel the same.


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