Do dentists charge too much money for the work they do?!

Not if you look at all the overhead they have to pay to keep there practice running everyday. Between employees, Workman's comp insurance, sterilization materials and procedures. There is a lot more to it than you would think.

Other Answers:
malpractice insurance.
theres a lotta factors.
its not really their fault.
I don't know...if you've ever had a really bad toothache, you'll pretty much pay whatever they ask for if they fix it for you! I think any amount of money is worth getting rid of the excruciating pain of toothache!
they do sometimes when they need it but usually don't but it costs a lota for braces
Do you know what it takes to earn a dental degree?
1.High School Diploma
2.4-year college degree ($80-250K)
3.4-year dental school degree DDS or DMD ($200-400K)
4.Dental practice purchase ($300K to over $1,000,000)
**All of the above happens before you make one penny from your very first dental patient**

So maybe your dentist is not charging enough?
Every dentist I know drives a normal sized car, shops int he same places I shop and has a house similar to mine. I don't see them living high on the hog. I attend Kiwanis where there are several local dentists, the price just to keep up in the way of supplies and machines is staggering. They pd. a lot for school, worked hard an d studied long.


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