wat is da most effective excersize to get abs?!


First and foremost, stay away from any ab machine you see on TV as they are simply a waste of money and barely effective.

The abdominal muscles work just like any other muscle and have to be challenged as such. If you want muscular abdominals, you have to challenge them with resistance and good form just like you would your chest, your back or any other muscle for that matter. Targeting the correct energy system is imperative. This means you should never enter into the aerobic phase of this exercise, ideally keeping it under 2 minutes at most.

Think of rolling a carpet and contracting fully on the top of the movement and squeeze. If you do them correctly, you shouldn't be able to do more than 30 crunches. Any more than that, and you're probably doing them half-azz, incorrectly or with a partial range of motion.

For the upper abs, focus on crunches which effectively work the abdominals better than sit-ups or any machine on the market.

For the lower abs, keep in mind there is very little muscle tissue there so decreasing levels of body fat is the most effective way to bring out the best in this area. Hanging leg raises, v-situps and reverse curls are among some of the best exercise for this region. Always make sure your pelvis curls up to maximize lower abdominal contraction during these exercises.

As far as fat loss and getting ripped goes, cardio, cardio, cardio. Abdominal exercises alone will never burn fat from your abdominal area. You must do cardiovascular exercise to accomplish this. Cardio is best in the morning, on an empty stomach at about 70-80% of your maximum heart rate for about 30-45 minutes. This combined with a common sense diet will quickly shed body fat so you can actually see those abs you've developed.

I would encourage you to seek the advice and guidance of a personal trainer in your area for further education on these principles. Please ensure you start off at a very basic level for crunches and cardio if you are a beginner.

Here's a good list of ab exercises:


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Well, if you are a guy, the best thing you can do is give it to her d*ggy style. That always works the hell out of my abs.

If you like.run around.

Someone gave me this website.

crunches & pilates

I'm starting to see results from 50 situps a day. I've been doing them for about 3 months now, everyday faithfully and they have really worked.

any type of ab work you try, the most important is to breath, otherwise you ll never get results, they all work, depends on your level of fitness

The key is not doing one exercize, instead a combination of exercizes. I suggest Sit Ups with med balls, leg lifts, prone holds, and an exercise working the obliques (side abs). The best oblique exercise would involve a medicine ball and a partner. You sit upright with only your butt touching the ground; it is especially important to keep your feet off the ground. You take turns passing each other the medicine ball, and when you receive the ball you turn left then right, each time hitting the ball on the ground. Then you pass your partner the ball and when it is returned to you you start on the opposite side, for example, if you previously turned left first, now you would turn right first.

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