my mother is 78 years old and she has hardening of the arteries.I also believe s!

I believe my mother has some form of dementia or senility at age 78.It runs in her family.She does not have Alzheimers.I'm a nurse and I know what alzheimers is all about.But she is diagnosed with hardening of the arteries.Is this tied in with dementia?
i am so sorry, my mother also has dementia. and yes it can be hardening of the arteries, the dr. told me that the arteries in her neck are cutting off some blood flow to the brain, causing mental confusion,impairment of judgment, memory and abstract thinking, as well as changes in personality. it is so sad, again i am sorry and i will pray for both of you. good luck and GOD BLESS.

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Shouldnt u know? your the nurse. Were just stupid people who dont know aything

if you're a nurse, wouldn't you know that?

I don't think the two are related.

I have to be honest I don't know if its linked or not, my feeling would be to get her fully tested by a good doctor. Sometimes the family doctor treats a person for so long that they aren't always a thorough as they could be, complacency sets in Will everyone. I am NOT bagging or underestimating the medical family practitioner I just know that sometimes in the 10 minutes you are allocated not everything can be covered. Sometimes its better to go to hospital and have a battery of tests done to include and exclude illnesses. Good luck with your mum and remember being older it may just be she's having a "seniors" moment and not suffering senility or dementia.

If you are responsible for your mother's health and welfare then maybe you should consult with your mother's doctor. You might have a problem with patient/doctor confidentially there, unless your mother consents to this information being passed to you.

However, as a nurse, you should have the resources available to you so that you can answer the question yourself of the relationship between hardening of the arteries and dementia.

the brain needs oxygen and nutirition to work properly! get her a provider or send her to a elder day care where they can give her the exercise she needs this might help.

Alzheimer's is a form of dementia. They are not unrelated.
Vascular dementia comes from hardened arteries.
If you are a nurse shouldn't you know to take your mother to a doctor for a proper diagnosis and medication? Most types of dementia are irreversible but can be slowed with treatment.
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