Am i addicted to masterbation?!

Question: Am i addicted to masterbation.?
I masterbate 2-3 times a day. Sex is always on my mind. Is that too much.? Sometimes my balls ache when i masterbate but i still do it.Health Question & Answer

It's perfectly normal. Im 36, married, have tons of sex w/ my wife and I still do it too.

As a guy, it's part of our lifestyle.

90% of all men masturbate, the other 10% lie about it.Health Question & Answer

i guess is natural, maybe cause your not getting enough or might be cause some other reason but yea in a man's mind sex is always in their mind, not always but most of the time, that's wat girls say.
you r probably addicted to masturbation but i guarantee you that your not the only one. what is wear ot your balls aching when the action is going on.
Masturbation is actually good for your health!Health Question & Answer

That's great ! I do it too, in the mornings before going to work, in the evenings when I come home, and whenever I feel stressed or worried, or happy. Masturbation releases stress, energizes you. Let's do it together ...
Have fun and keep enjoying it. Don't force it if your balls ache, stop at the peak when you are ready to *** and relax, then start again slowly ...Health Question & Answer

You could be at a stage in your life where your hormones are out of wack. Its okay but too much of it could lead to acne or something and your "male things" probably hurt because you keep doing that. Of course if you have had sex before you would know that that doesnt even compare to it. But dont go looking for any girl just to have sex ust to stop masturbating. Its natural to be curious despite what others say, but be careful, too much of something is not good. Try doing some other stuff to take up free time. Maybe after a little while you will find that you dont really need it. Then you'll know its not an addiction.Health Question & Answer

lots of males i know. lots tell me things.Health Question & Answer

NO! masturbating is never bad. Its so good for you. I do it every day about 3 times. And I'm a girl. So no don't feel bad. Haha. Heres some sites if you want.

These are the best. in order from best to worse in my opinion. Look up julia bond. She's hott.Health Question & Answer

Masturbation is wrong and you should stop. You would not stand up in front of 1,000 people and say you masturbate, why.? Because it is not good. get a hobby or something. Ignore all the scientists and doctors who say its ok because it is really demoralising.Health Question & Answer

It is your business. Everyone is different. But just so you don't become a premature ejaculator and have problems blowing too soon in a relationship practice withholding the orgasm. It also makes the orgasm stronger.Health Question & Answer

If your balls ache you probably could back off a little. Once a day is very normal for a teen.

Make sure there is other stuff in your life... like friends, hobbies, sport.

Don't just jerk all day. Not cool.Health Question & Answer

as long as ur masturbating to get sexual pleasure to urself and mastubating to thoughts of a person, u should be fine. ur probably going thru a stage. if u start masturbating from boredom or masturbating with out sexual thought, then that is badHealth Question & Answer

Your a ******* wanker in the biggest way possible, i want to kick you in your slimey balls and shove that poor excuse for a penis down your ******* retarded throat!!!! Fuckwit!!!!Health Question & Answer

you are not addicted, you are just at the age when you can't slow down yet. As you get older and into sports, hobbies, etc things will slow down for you. One day you will be down to once a day!! lolHealth Question & Answer

Man im almost 22 and i still do it 8 9 times a week. I wish i didnt but i cant stop i need help. For you though it might be normal. But consult your doctor just in caseHealth Question & Answer

No, I maintain a rigorous masturbation regimen in preporation of Jack Off 2009 in Nevada. I am currently up to 16 ejacs. in a 24 hour period. Thank you.Health Question & Answer

If you're in 12-16 age, then you're fine but you really should go outside and meet new people. That'll help you reduce the number of times you do it.Health Question & Answer

that is alittle to much, not that is going to hurt you physically, but it can hurt you mentally, you need to try to cut down some and do other things like get out side moreHealth Question & Answer you have a girlfriend.? I think you might be lonely. Theres nothing wrong with masterbating.

Everyone has done it so....I don't think people should talk sh*it when they answer this question.Health Question & Answer

2-3 times is normal, and sex is always on every guys mind, and the ball aching thing may be something more serious.Health Question & Answer

just puberty. stop before you get testicular cancer..................................... kidding.Health Question & Answer

Get out and do something productive..
Go hang out with friends, get a job, be successful!
That will get your mind off of sex.Health Question & Answer

I don't know a man who doesn't do exactly what you do! Maybe you should do something else with your day too to take your mind off it...or go into porn lolHealth Question & Answer

it's normal if you are a teenager it's all your horomones, but if your an adult you may have a sex addiction.Health Question & Answer

LMAO lol i was the same when i was aroung 13-17 lol..its dont hurt anyone so hell keep doing it...unless it interfers with your daily life....Health Question & Answer

Rub a whole tube of Ben Gay on your balls that should relieve the pain.Health Question & Answer

Fair play, your an animal 2-3 times a dayHealth Question & Answer

its really not that uncommon most guys do it 3 times a day.
your balls hurt because your doing it back to backHealth Question & Answer

try doing it every other day. 2-3 times a day is just too much or just get someone to ****Health Question & Answer

all you people who are guys who say he has problems GO TO HELL because EVERY GUY MASTURBATES!!!! SO GET OVER ITHealth Question & Answer

yes, you are addicted, and you need to stopHealth Question & Answer

Nah, it's normal, unless you're over 18 lol... that'd be just sad.
(mastUrbation)Health Question & Answer

no. your just very horny.Health Question & Answer


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