Umm graphic question for boys, im curious?!

Question: Umm graphic question for boys, im curious.?
what does it feel like when you ejactulate, for e.g. can you feel the seamen travelling up your penis etc..

im very curious becuase one of my guy mates told me that when a guy gets hit in the penis it makes there stommach ache and i never knew that would happen i though the pain just stayed in their penis, so yeah it kinda got me thinking.

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We can feel the semen going through our penis and we can also feel pee going through it.
I'm not sure about the stomach pain. All I know is there's lots of sensitive nerves in the testicles and somehow they transmit the pain to other places.Health Question & Answer

Both men AND women experience contractions in the genitals / groin area when they orgasm.

In guys these contractions force semen out of the various glands that contribute fluids to c#m and out of the penis.

In women orgasm causes the vagina to contract. If the the vagina has semen in it the contractions force the semen upwards towards the cervix - the opening between the vagina and uterus. The semen needs to get through the cervix and into the uterus in order to start on its journey towards the egg (ovum).

No one can really tell how similar male and females orgasms are but as both involve the contractions I have described it is thought that they may feel somewhat similar.Health Question & Answer

Yes, we can feel the semen travelling up our penis.
But about that stomach ache.
I've never felt such thing, all i feel is infinite pleasure.
No pain, with game.
That's how I feel, I dunno how other people feel after cumming.
So, I hope this helps you.Health Question & Answer

i feel it goes a bit slow motion and then it spurts lol

and its really wierd when you get hit in the balls, i dont think it hurts in my balls at all, it just feels like im about to puke and my stomach is really sore.Health Question & Answer

Well, the reason it hurts their stomach after getting because it is nature's way of protecting the sperm from harm to make sure the male can reproduce. The sperm pulls upward, causing stomach pain.Health Question & Answer

well, i feel it, and the stuff that makes it ***, hah, out, but no stomachache, i thnk it feels good XDHealth Question & Answer

meHealth Question & Answer

you can get very severe pain in the stomach when kicked in the B*LLS
but never had any pain from the D**k when I,ve been kicked down there atween the legsHealth Question & Answer

Sometimes you can feel semen going up the shaft, and i never was hit so im not sure about that part.Health Question & Answer

its feels good u get an oragasm and u kinda feel a release u rub it a little more and it comes out. and yea when u get hit down there it stays in ur stommach than it goes awayHealth Question & Answer

yah when we get hit there the pain goes to our stomach. Almost impossible to explain.
it hurts
its not really like normal pain at allHealth Question & Answer

yea he is right....and yes you can feel that stuff shoot out!Health Question & Answer

yes it does and can literally place the person in the hospitalHealth Question & Answer

it feels good.?
i guess.Health Question & Answer

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