Question??? Please Help?!

Question: Question.?.?.? Please Help.?
so my friends and i play a game where we ask really embarrassing questions and then they HAVE to answer i need some really good questions to ask and its 3 guys all 16 and i need like super embarrassing questions pleaseHealth Question & Answer

1. What is your penis size and can you prove it.?
2. How often do you masturbate
3. Have you ever touched another guys penis.? If so who's and why.?
4. When was the last time you masturbated.?
5.You know the guys so ask them really personal questions about things you know about them.Health Question & Answer

1. Do you masterbate.?
2. Whats youur favorite technique.?
3. Ask perv. questions about yourself.
4. Ask him if he wants to do anything sexual.Health Question & Answer

There is a game called TOP SECRET. It is not expensive and you play it a bit like a card game. Tons of fun.Health Question & Answer

1. Do you masturbate.?
2. What do you fantasize about when you masturbate.?
3. How many inches are you erect.?Health Question & Answer

ask one of them which guy there they'd do. That'd be funny I'd laugh at least. and be grossed out.Health Question & Answer

idk, do u masturbate, do u like (name), have u had sex be4
just a fewHealth Question & Answer

Ever done with a guy.Health Question & Answer

ever had a BJHealth Question & Answer

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