Need some sex advice please :(?!

Question: Need some sex advice please :(.?
Hey im just wondering does anyone know why when i have sex i dont feel it so much..i pull back the foreskin and put on the condom but when im in here i dont know i just dont think it feels soo good and i can never come..i always have to make myself come after it..and i mean i cud be going in and out of her for over an hour and not feel near to cumming :( has anyone had this problem.? would it be because i use an extra safe condom over pleasuremax condom or say tingle.? please i would aprreciate advice..thanksHealth Question & Answer

do you think about outrageous things when you masturbate .? Things that your woman cannot or will not do .? That may be the problem

Or are you on any meds .? Some cause numbness

Drinking alcohol before .? Do you smoke .? These all are factors

Get a sex test and find you are both clean then you can have intercourse without condomHealth Question & Answer

I think about outrageous things with women that most women will not do then I can not come at times or I close my eyes and think of such things as I penentrate tham. I know I know ' You dont need to know this information everybody but this man does and I want ten pointsHealth Question & Answer

One girls will love you for not getting off in an hour that a rare thing for them to fine. Two you can find a thinner condom or get her to go on the pill. But a thinner condom is better because it protects you from STDs. And if you don't get off, pull out when you are ready or think you job is done and get her to suck you off without the condom.Health Question & Answer

It is true, your sensation is cut down using a condom, and may be the cause of your delayed or none-ejaculation, but casual unprotected sex carries it's dangers, you risk sexually transmitted deseases, and of course, unwanted pregnancies, in your case, I would advise you to settle down with a regular girlfriend, then after a period of time, you would both be able to enjoy unprotected sex. Wait till you're married if need be.Health Question & Answer

make sure the condoms which you are using are not coated with a desensitise and just use the thin ones not the ones made by firestone
Ok here is another possibility
I have had a guy who could not come, the problem was he was so concerned that he gave me my pleasure first that he lost the edge ( if you know what I mean) he was holding off for so long that he lost sensitivity
not that I'm complaining it's not often you find a guy who cares

Jill XHealth Question & Answer

There are some creme type products you can buy from sex shops or places like "slumber parties" that can help you tingle and feel more. I suggest more foreplay and maybe an ultra thin condom. Better yet is the monogamous relationship with her on the pill and no condom.Health Question & Answer

If you are together a long time loose the condoms and ask her to consider the pill. I dont like condoms personally, its like that whole seatbelt thing do the really save lives.?.?.? who cares does it feel right.?!.?!Health Question & Answer

You should slow down when you masturbate... maybe that will help. You see some guys tossing off like there is no tomorrow and there's really absolutely no way that they can pelvic thrust like that.Health Question & Answer

She isn't tight enough for you. You should always use a condom, perhaps just a single condom though -- I think you'll find it works better.

HermesHealth Question & Answer

hey man i hate ******* condoms, but i need to stay protected and well condoms take alot of sensational feelingHealth Question & Answer

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