I'm 14 and i measured my penis, it is a little over 6 in. long?!

Question: I'm 14 and i measured my penis, it is a little over 6 in. long.?
will it grow any longer or is that how far it will grow.Health Question & Answer

90% of all adult men have penises between 4.5 and 7 inches -- so you are already solidly average. If you are 14 it is likely to grow quite a bit more (although, if you entered puberty very early, maybe not.

It could get as big as 8 inches or so, but that is very rare, so unlikely.

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PS There is NOTHING odd about measuring your penis. I know NO male that doesn't do it or hasn't done it many times. I am amazed at the self-flagellating young males who thought "oh my, someone condemned him, I have to now so they won't realize that I do it too" -- they are pathetic.

You are normal and healthy, don't think anything of them.


HermesHealth Question & Answer

Congratulations buddy, that's great for your age. How much more it will grow is up to your genes, but it probably won't grow more than an inch.Health Question & Answer

No worries dude! You still have time to grow! But 6 inches isn't bad either! Its average! You'll be able to rock the boat when your old enough!Health Question & Answer

MAYNE that is like Enough to make a girl feel soo good BUT another inch or half aint so bad!!! ull really make a girl feel GOOD! just be gentle in a rough way .. Good luck !Health Question & Answer

Thats really big for your age
I'm 16 and my dick is 6 inch long
When I was 14 mine was about 4 or 5 inches so you still have heaps of growingHealth Question & Answer

Welcome to the club of 14 year olds with a six to seven inch long dick...Health Question & Answer

hahahahahahahahahaha omy god
you should be ashamedHealth Question & Answer

give till about 16 itll only one inch what are you trying to impress a girl with your penis-_-Health Question & Answer

You are sick. Is that all you think about.? Shame on you.Health Question & Answer

why were you measuring your winkie.?Health Question & Answer

call me up babe!Health Question & Answer

u must have alot of free timeHealth Question & Answer

oh my god why would you even DO that.?Health Question & Answer

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