What's With My Growing Lately?!?!

Question: What's With My Growing Lately.?!.?
Okay so I'm 15, male, 76 kilo (167lbs) and 5"10.
I've lost 11 kilos in 100 days, and I haven't grown squat!... I do 'cardio' and weights, but nothing serious...

I haven't grown at all, is it because of exercise, because I used to eat a lot more, but now I eat 'normally/healthy'....No fats, only water, you' know.
So why aren't am I growing.?... Am I finished.?... Should I be happy with how I am now.?

~ Thanks.Health Question & Answer

You shoudl still grow at least another inch if not 2. This generation should be at least 2 inches taller than your dad, so ya. Anyways your pretty tall for your age. I'm 14 and 5 foot 6 so be happy yes be happy.Health Question & Answer

I'm jealous and keep up the good work. Expect only a inch and half at most.Health Question & Answer

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