Why does penis has pain?!

Question: Why does penis has pain.?
every time we have a wet dream, and we wake up we feel a very diffrent kind of pain in the penis shaft.
i masturbate one time and i didn't cleaned (took out all the lefted sperm from the penis) and it gave the same pain after 30 mins, so is there any one who can tell me why penis hurts if we don't press the sperm out with our hand.Health Question & Answer

when you are ing, makes sure that all sperms are got out. Do not allow the sperms return to testes because it would cause pain. really pain..Health Question & Answer

experienceHealth Question & Answer

Who are "we.?" Are you royalty or something.?

Anyway, I recommend that you try to urinate after your orgasm. It will help to flush everything out so that your urethra is not irritated.Health Question & Answer

i too jack off daily cause sex isn't ready for me neither am i, i think just leave the sperm, it will cool away, the pain is probably from how hard u got and its still extending or something bro-peaceHealth Question & Answer

well umm... when you masturbate if u dont squeez it out it can dry in there at when you *** the next time it gets stuck and stretches you penisHealth Question & Answer

Maybe you should call the ambliance to take you to the hopsitalHealth Question & Answer

What the heck is all this 'we' and 'our' stuff.? Do your friends help you with this crap!.?

Go to your doctor. Tell him/her what you told us.Health Question & Answer

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