Am i ugly? need your help?!

Question: Am i ugly.? need your help.?
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no your not ugly. you are actually the opposite of ugly.
you are quite handsome. try and fix the hair a bit and you will look like those sex male po*n stars.Health Question & Answer

Why are you asking that.? If you consider yourself ugly, then what would be the persons uglier than you in so far the other eyes are concerned. Come on, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What he thinks about himself would be the thought of others to him. Cheer up! You're not ugly at all. Of course, I can't judge you significantly since you have that shades.

Even if you had a lot of pimples, the most important thing on the face is the self-confidence. A lot of "not-so-handsome" men woo women easily because of the certain factor called "sense of humor". Try to laugh at things and take problems easily. The face alone is not the overall criteria to a person.Health Question & Answer

Hope that helped :)Health Question & Answer

don't know your age, but took me 35 yrs, to find self confidence, even though i was told i was attractive (in my mid 20's), cuz as a child i was verbaly abused and told i was never gonna be a good looking person. botttom line,maybe you just didn't reach that point of self confidence yet, and i think unfortunatly some people don't ever, but i must say, your a handsome fellow. there's a reason your asking, did something recent happen, like say,were you dumped (they're loss), or was there comments made about you.? i don't know, for me peronaly, i feel very confident in my looks and don't need others opinions( of course i get alot of attention from men anyhow), but either way i believe our personalty has alot to do with our overall appearance (get what i mean). by the way, a big turn off for me is a good lookin guy(like yourself), who acts like they're sh@# don't stink. i don't care how hot they are. hope i helped ya some!!!Health Question & Answer

No way, not ugly at all. Quite the opposite.Health Question & Answer

MeHealth Question & Answer

You look like an everyday average person, did a girl turn you down and call you ugly.?Health Question & Answer

no very handsome indeedHealth Question & Answer

my eyesHealth Question & Answer

no your very handsomeHealth Question & Answer

nope your okHealth Question & Answer

oh no, not much, change hairHealth Question & Answer

you look like a porn starHealth Question & Answer

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