Why? I constantly fantasize about eating my own feces.?!

Question: Why.? I constantly fantasize about eating my own feces..?
I've had this problem since I was young. At about the age of eight I would start salivating at the sight of my dogs fecal matter. I have not told my parents, nor do I have any psychological dilemma that would have caused this awkward desire. Lately I've been shaking uncontrollably at the smell, sometimes my hand reaches for my crap unintentionally and I have to force myself to flush. It's especcially bad when I see random dog crap on the road.Health Question & Answer

there is nothing wrog with you. you just have a fetish. but for your own health, don't do it, that is waste and injesting it can harm you seriously. look up rotovirus/rotavirus, you can die from it.Health Question & Answer

That's very strange, but it's not a psychological disorder or anything like that. You most likely have a fetish for it.

I don't think you need to see a doctor or take any medications for it, but I also don't recommend acting on it. A good course of action might be to see a therapist if you want to assuage the problem.

also, your girlfriends probably won't react well to hearing that, so I don't suggest you bring it up.Health Question & Answer

I have a solution......... watch "2 girls and 1 cup" video....... and i swear your desires will dissapear....... i back this solution up 100%........ just google it.Health Question & Answer

No idea, btw that's... disgustingHealth Question & Answer

as if 2 girls and 1 cup wasn't bad enough.Health Question & Answer

If you're a dog it's ok.Health Question & Answer

ummm you shoud definitly get help!!!!Health Question & Answer

wow..............that is serious ...may need to see psychiatrist,realllyHealth Question & Answer

wow if i were you i will go to doctor that aint normal with your own **** never mind a dogs **** that is sick and you will make your mom sick just speaking to her about it you must have a had a traumatic experience of some sort did a dog **** on the floor when you were a kid you must of ate it ya minger LMAO sweet like chocolate eh .Health Question & Answer

Have it for your dinner once!!!Health Question & Answer

YOU SICK SON OF A B I TCHHealth Question & Answer

freak!Health Question & Answer

you have dam problems gett help..Health Question & Answer

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