What can be done about my male member's size?!

Question: What can be done about my male member's size.?
I feel really unconfident about my size its pathetic i look at these porn stars and all of them put me to shame it makes me depressed all the time, i feel like the drugs I did, masterbating, and nutrition i had when i was a kid has diminished my penis size its only 6.4 inches by 4.6 inches it makes me almost suicidalHealth Question & Answer

Awww :(

Porn guys have unrealistic *****.

I do not know what to tell u other than keep looking and if a girl really does love u she won't care that much.

My guy is kind of small but I love him :)Health Question & Answer

Dude your normal, don't worry about it.

Porn starts are porn stars because they have unusually large penises, thats why you always see the same actors because there aren't that many with massive cocks, besides if they're not unusually large then camera angles and magnifying lenses on the cameras make their cocks look massive.
Put a small girl into the scene add a low angle camera looking up to the dude plus a slightly magnified lense then it all adds up to huuuuge! when in reality they're no bigger than 7 inchesHealth Question & Answer

Porn stars are above average in size. Don't compare yourself with them.

Masturbation also has no effect on penis size.

AND, lastly...6.4 inches is above average by a whole inch. SO STOP WHINING and get a grip on yourself, for god's sake.Health Question & Answer

the average for a fully developed male is 5.0-6.5 (most men are towards the 5.0 end) you have a good size at the very top end of average so don't worry.

Mail me if you have any other questions or queries.Health Question & Answer

just calm down dude. size is not everything. it's all about how u use it. don't be depressed over that. at least u are not 3''. by the way, some of those pornstars penis are not real so stop comparing yourself to them and learn to use what God gave u ;)Health Question & Answer

First of all, stop looking at porn stars. Secondly, don't worry about it. Just learn how to please the person you want to please, and don't concern yourself with your size.Health Question & Answer

what can you do with it.? Stick it in your ear,. You wasted all those questions to tell everyone how big your penis is. Nobody cares. Get a life, you're pathetic.Health Question & Answer

RHealth Question & Answer

Gee. That is a bit sad. Oh well, at least you still have your intelligence. Oh... yeah. Alright - at least you still have your health.Health Question & Answer

www.thundersplace.com that is all.

i gained an inch in a month (or it mightve been puberty since im 16, but either way it inproved my erection quality)Health Question & Answer

stay away from drugs

can you answer mine.?
.?qid=20090404125913AAU6KRC">http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;...Health Question & Answer

your penis should not be 4.6 inches wide. FYI. but 6.4 isnt a bad length at all.Health Question & Answer

That is normal and on the high end of average. Dont Worry! Pornstars have big ***** because that is a good trait for their job...Health Question & Answer

wtf.? your avg stop complaining dude. dont get mad cuz your not a 12 incher.Health Question & Answer

it's just a penis.Health Question & Answer

Settle downHealth Question & Answer

here is a newsflash, your prick is just as big as all of ours. We hate those f#cking pornstars too man lolHealth Question & Answer

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