Question: HEY GUYS......PLEASE CLICK ON ME.?!.?!.?

Well, I get sweaty in the groin (everybody does)...so I heard of Balla powder (google it) but i think thats unnecessary...I am starting to use gold bond ultimate powder and gold bond regular mixed together...those two together have the same ingredients as balla...besides the point, i heard that talc is not great, and what about lavender POWDER.?.?.? I heard lavender OIL on pre-puberty boys is bad...but this has a little ground lavender in the powder...and im definitely not pre-puberty...and what about talc.? I heard it is bad inhaled (ill be careful) and causes ovary issues...anything with the testicles.? Urethra.? Honest answers please, thanks...also, what do you guys use down there.?Health Question & Answer

well, yeah, you don't wanna snort it. just using it with care shouldn't cause you any respiratory problems. talc really isn't such a bad choice. And you don't need a lot. It does help with sweating issues. When I started puberty, I even would sweat out my butt cheeks, The talc was a lifesaver.

And you wanna stay dry down there; otherwise, crotch rot will set in.Health Question & Answer

"Ovary issues" ... no.

"What do you guys use down there.?" .. nothing. The only part of my body that sweats is my back. (Been meaning to get that khecked out.)Health Question & Answer

just plain ordinary baby powder-talc and sometimes Gold Bond-type medicated powderHealth Question & Answer

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