Wtf im really confused men only !!!?!

Question: Wtf im really confused men only !!!.?
ive been getting erections since 6 - 7 yrs old is it normal cos i thought you started to get them in pubertyHealth Question & Answer

you get them at any age so, it's normal. don't worry 'bout it. ;-)Health Question & Answer

I'm not a man, but I wanted to answer because it's a ridiculous question. Sometimes even babies get erections. It's nothing to worry about, and you should know that. Ask your father.Health Question & Answer

Hi!!! I think that you want to get more information about it, go to .?q=really%20confused%20erection" rel="nofollow"> Question & Answer

You start getting them much earlier than you are able to actually be sexually active. That is perfectly normal.Health Question & Answer

You can actually get the in the womb.Health Question & Answer

You can get them at any age.Health Question & Answer

ha ha im a chick and that is wierd im gonna e-mail all of your contacts about your problem and that ***** problem that is ****** upHealth Question & Answer

Everybody is different.

But if it bothers you this much then maybe you should go see a doctor and get checked out.Health Question & Answer

no it's not normal because boys usually get erects when they are like 2 years oldHealth Question & Answer

it's just pubertyHealth Question & Answer

ur just having puberty early :)Health Question & Answer

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