Is it ok to drink out of the hoes?!

Question: Is it ok to drink out of the hoes.?
I'm thirsty right now and there's nothing to drink so I was wondering if it was safe/healthy for me to drink out of the hoes.?Health Question & Answer

It's cleaner than you might think. I saw it on MYTHBUSTERS. They tested public sinks, private, kitchen, bathroom allof em' and the cleanest was froma city park!! How messed up is that.? Drink away my friend! Just drink out of the HOSE and not the HOES!Health Question & Answer

MYTHBUSTERS on TVHealth Question & Answer

No it is not. Water has probably been sitting in there too long and the bacteria that grows in there can give you diarrhea or worse. You're better off detaching the hose, cupping your hands and drinking from the spiket.Health Question & Answer

Yea it's the same water as your sink.
Even the water in your toilet is drinkable, only if the toilet is clean of coarse.

Anyway, it's fine. I like it because it is really coldHealth Question & Answer

Id say so, Why not just drink out of a tap though.? o__O

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If they let you... HAHAHA!Health Question & Answer

MINDHealth Question & Answer

Probly not. You could get sick and get diseases from the water.Health Question & Answer

FIRST never drink out of hoes they have diseases,.. OMG
you may drink out of your hose its 100% naturalHealth Question & Answer

yeah i do that oftenHealth Question & Answer

yes i do it all the time... and it yummy lol!Health Question & Answer

yeah, just let it run for a sec or twoHealth Question & Answer

Hi!!! I think that you want to get more information about it, go to .?q=drink" rel="nofollow"> Question & Answer

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