What penis massage will make it stronger and firmer?!

Question: What penis massage will make it stronger and firmer.?
i got a normal size penis i just wanna make it betterHealth Question & Answer

about it you can find information from the following website
.?q=penis%20massage" rel="nofollow">http://healths4life.blogspot.com/.?q=peni...Health Question & Answer

hahah! :] wack it with a banana.
idk. it's calling jelqing
http://www.biggerloads.com/penis-size/je...Health Question & Answer

the on where you h=gt 21 hour tongu,asage for 12hoursHealth Question & Answer

wack it with a bananaHealth Question & Answer

I don't think this is the right place to ask this questionHealth Question & Answer

well i suppose u could call me! I can help with that.Health Question & Answer

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