When will my Sperm/Semen turn white?!

Question: When will my Sperm/Semen turn white.?
Im 16 years old and my semen seems to be very clear but from what I was told its supposed to be white... I don't know I'm just nervous that this is abnormal or something. Please answer!Health Question & Answer

Hi Jason

To be honest white is a relative term. I am a little loathed to go into too much detail here but I will do my best.

Semen of which sperm is only a part is made up of various fluids. Overall I guess we would say that it looks white / very light yellow/ creamy / very light brown something like that. It can also contain blood and other things sometimes - let's not go there.

When you say that your semen is not white but clear I presume you mean clean like say some clear glue - I mean as clear as water.?.?.?.? If you mean it is the same colour as the stuff that comes out your nose when you have a cold then it is about the right colour. It varies a little but it does have some solids in it. What I do not mean is some lumps. Milk (the stuff you buy at the shop) is in fact a suspension - that means that it is a liquid with a solid that floats in it. Some of the stuff in your semen should look a little thicker than water and should look a little milky colour.
Quite honestly if you have been ejaculating for more than a year or two and your semen is totally clear I would ask your doctor about it.
You could make an appointment at 3.00 pm say and take along a fresh semen sample with you. He will not be embarrassed. Ask him if it looks normal. There is no point asking him about a sample you collected hours ago - it tends to go clear if you leave it.

Collect it in a clean glass container and take it to him within about half an hour.

If it is as clear as water but just thicker then do something. IF it is somewhat milky then maybe forget it.... over to you.Health Question & Answer

It should be white not clear. I'd have that checked out. Of course my son never told me if his was clear at 16 or white and I never heard of semen being anything but white. Maybe you should ask a Dr.Health Question & Answer

u shouldn't be letting it out at that age, your body hasn't made enough for it 2 be white until you are 20....Health Question & Answer

its called pre ***, its what comes out before the sperm. the sperm will come out if you have sex :) :P or masturbateHealth Question & Answer

speram is normally white ans semen for the most part is clear your fine trust meHealth Question & Answer

that could be because you have very small amounts of sperm or do it to oftenHealth Question & Answer

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