Does this sound like he's aroused?!

Question: Does this sound like he's aroused.?
First off, my boyfriend and I of over a year are both virgins, and have never made any sexual contact with each other. He's very strict and religious as well too..

Anyway..when he lays over me making out...he always begins to breath much heavier, heart rate speeds up, starts to feel warmer, and he'll sigh in a very gentle pleased way too between the kissing..

Does that sound like he's aroused.?Health Question & Answer

Absolutely aroused. Get on birth control pills before you two lose control so you don't ruin your lives with an unwanted pregnancy. God gave you the equipment when you were born and your hormones before you are married. Use them. You kiss.? Intercourse is just more flesh to flesh. In private you do not have to be politically/religiously correct. Get the fun/pleasure I stupidly missed.Health Question & Answer

Yeah hes supper horny but god is getting in his way (**** blocked some may say) Yes hes trying to control himself so you need to grab his **** and go down and give him head.. men love teeth on there cocks, so bite his head a little bit and finger his *** wholeHealth Question & Answer

Hes DEFINETLY getting horny honeyHealth Question & Answer

personal experienceHealth Question & Answer

Usually if a guy is a virgin, and he is laying on top of a girl and making out...he's arroused.Health Question & Answer

No; it means he's terribly turned off. XDHealth Question & Answer

maybe hey ;)
btw....YESHealth Question & Answer

hellz Yeah ! lolHealth Question & Answer

oh yeah he isHealth Question & Answer

of course.............................Health Question & Answer

oh yeahHealth Question & Answer

erm, yes...Health Question & Answer

yupHealth Question & Answer

wow sounds like it too meHealth Question & Answer

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