I have never pulled back my foreskin of my penis. How to do it successfully?!

Question: I have never pulled back my foreskin of my penis. How to do it successfully.?
I tried it, but looks like there is vein from the head of penis connected to my foreskin. Will it bleed if I put lot of force.? Or should I consult a doctor.? The main intent to do this is to avoid infection and clean it regularly...Health Question & Answer

I have posted some links below that have lots of useful information for you. Ignore the female answers where they say they are grossed out by what essentially is a natural penis. The problem with many Canadian and American women is they only have seen mutilated and circumcised (one and the same) penises.
You are normal, intact, as nature intended. Just follow the information in the links about stretching and retracting. It will also give a bit of info about washing under there.
It is best with water only. Try to avoid soaps as they leave a residue that can cause irritation.
When males are born, the foreskin and glans are bonded together by a connective tissue (synechia). This connective tissue begins to dissolve as you get a bit older. Most boys try retracting their foreskin without realizing it during normal urination, and later through masturbation. This process helps to break down the connective tissue until it finally releases its bond, sometimes as late as 18. Never force it.
Just practice the skin stretches until it will retract painlessly. Retracting to rinse under the daily shower water will become part of your routine.
Do not do a forced retraction because you think you have to clean under there. Cleaning is important, but only when you can easily, painlessly retract. I think the connecting 'vein; is your frenulum. Google that and read up about how it helps to anchor the foreskin to the glans. You are very fortunate to have your foreskin. Hundreds of thousands of us cut guys wish we still had ours.
Good luck with this
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http://circresearch.googlepages.com/tigh...Health Question & Answer

Depends on your age.

The foreskin is initially adhered, and comes loose normally once you are in puberty. Erections and masturbation help that process. I have never heard of a vein being connected though -- if it really is a vein you should speak to your doctor.


PS *SIGH* NO he should not have been cleaning under it UNTIL IT NATURALLY lost it's adherence to the head. Don't show ignorance in answering these, please. The primary reason for a condition called phimosis is FORCIBLY RETRACTING THE SKIN before its ready. There is NO reason for a child prior to puberty to retract the skin -- leave it adhered. Only after puberty does it start to matter.Health Question & Answer

Okay. Let me get this correct.

First of all, how old are you.?

If you are uncircumcised and over the age of 10, your father or mother should have shown you personally how to pull it back and clean it every day.

If you are a grown man and are now just doing so.......(pause)....I have so many thoughts going through my mind at which I cannot describe.

DUDE!!!! Do not ever stick that thing in any hole until is it totally clean. You will definitely need to see a man gyno doctor.

DUDE!!!! You are just now cleaning it..? OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!

To fdsfdsf: Sorry. I did not mean to sound so crass. This caught me by surprise. I have never heard of anything like this. Please do see a doctor or take Mitrhas advice. I hope he/she will be able to help you in your delima.

Good luck!Health Question & Answer

If your sure its a vein then I reccomend you see a doctor.
But make sure its not the tissue that connects it to the penis itself.
This is located a the tip, when you pull the foreskin back.Health Question & Answer

Daily stretching: http://circresearch.googlepages.com/tigh...

Are you sure that vein isn't the frenulum.?

HarrietHealth Question & Answer

I agree with Kosher...I dont know WHAT will be found under there if you never pulled it back your WHOLE LIFE...yikes...have fun!

About your issue, sorry, don't know what to do, Im circumsized

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Erm... See a doctor..Health Question & Answer

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