Why do I want to sleep all the time?!

Question: Why do I want to sleep all the time.?
I sleep 8-9 hours at night but still I feel sleepy most of the time and esp after a meal.Health Question & Answer

maybe u have mono

maybe your depressed

maybe u dont get enough sleep at night

please help me with mine:

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This is a complicated question that somewhat depends on your age. If you are a teenager, it is likely that your body is just growing and it is natural to be tired. It could also be that you simply aren't getting a quality night's sleep. In a way, it doesn't matter as much how long you sleep as it does how well you sleep. Finally, overall health is important to feeling good and not tired, too. Make sure to get some exercise and try to eat right!Health Question & Answer

Your oversleeping maybe

and definitely exercise!

If you don't get your blood flowing daily your going to be tired most of the time, even if that means going outside in the sun and taking a walk. Sunlight produces Serotonin, the chemical in your brain that makes you happy.Health Question & Answer

if you are a male i think that you do excersice(body building) and you are using any kind of drug for your body.which increses your sleep especially after meal.or you do very much work in a day which also causes to increases your sleepness.Health Question & Answer

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go to the doctor and ask him if your thyroid is working. you might have hypothyroidism. I have that and I have a bunch of sleeping issues. you could be depressed too.Health Question & Answer

i have hypothyroidism and I sleep 10 hours and still feel exaustedHealth Question & Answer

One of the reasons could be weak eye-sight. Excess stress on the eye could lead to sleepy head!
Another way is to keep yourself engaged with challenging work most of the time....a heavy post meal..can keep sleep at bay
try light meals...heavy meals encourage sleepHealth Question & Answer

Well the reason you feel especially tired after a meal is because the blood is leaving your brain and going to your stomach to help digest the food. And I guess the solution is to just get more sleep.Health Question & Answer

You probably get to much sleep.
Try sleeping less.
Well I feel like that when i sleep for like 9 hours but i feel fine when i sleep around 6-7.
Well I'm just weird so it might work for You.Health Question & Answer

Work out that helps

and also take a break and sleep all day

you'll feel better

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It could be that your iron and magnesium are low try taking some and check if it works Id also go to the doc cos that could also be a sign of sugar diabetes!Health Question & Answer

eat less carbohydrates your body gets tired after eating carbs so thats explains why you are tired after a mealHealth Question & Answer

Could be anything from lack of sleep to your diet or diabetes.Health Question & Answer

Lots of people feel tired after a meal. Maybe you are very sleep deprived. Try sleeping for like 11 hours if possible.Health Question & Answer

its natural to feel sleepy im always tired after a meal dont worry!Health Question & Answer

because your exhausted.Health Question & Answer

Perhaps boredom in your lifeHealth Question & Answer

because your tired and not eating healthyHealth Question & Answer

sleep longerHealth Question & Answer

Maybe you are just bored..try Eating Something Like Candy Or drink a refreshmentHealth Question & Answer

depends on your overall health, are you unhealthy.? then you will be more tiredHealth Question & Answer

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