can u get clean from marijuana in 20 days?

i am 5'7" and 130 pounds ive been smokin marijuana for 5 years everyday can i get clean in 20 days?

Water, Water, Water. There is so much THC built up in your system it will be very hard to get clean in 20 days though. If it was me, I would buy a detox drink just to be sure.
It will take 5 years for your hair follicles to be clean, but urine and blood should be clean in about that time, maybe 1 week more at most.
After being ravaged by pot for 5 years, and you want to clean up in less than a month? Keep dreaming.
stop smoking now drink lots of water every day go buy some flush free niacin (at the local drug store or even shopko has it) take two at night and two in the morning and you should be okay but if you have a test dont take niacin on that day

i know lots of people that smoked for years and this worked for them
if you put your mind to it, you can do it. I suggest getting into a support group of some kind. Go daily for a long time and get buddies you can call. find healthy substitutes for that habit. good for you. you will soon have your mind and health back. you will have your motivation back, too, which will help you kick the habit.
remember, if you relapse, you pick up and keep trying. don't be a perfectionist. you have to really commit to getting over it.
good for you. good luck. you can do it.
drink lots of water a few hours b4 the test, make sure you pee about 4-5 times the hour before the test, this will flush your system real quick and allow you to pass it
Drink tons and tons of water every day for the entire twenty days at least one gallon more if you are able as well as having a high colonic and a seriously high fiber nutritional diet and you may MAY succeed.
I don't know, if you've been smoking EVERY day....

Some things i've heard that works: vinegar, cranberry juice, and the worst of all.... drinking bleach (and no I'm not telling you to go kill yourself, I've just heard if you drink it the night before, and pee in the morning, tests come out fine).

If you're getting piss tested, have them schedule it for the afternoon and pee as much as you possibly can throughout the day until your test.

If you have a co-op or a hippy store around you, they sometimes sell a detox tea that supposedly only takes a day or two to flush out your system.

Is there going to be someone standing next to you while you pee in a cup? If not, put someone else's pee in a baggy and drop it in the cup. Sounds disgusting, but if you're in real need to pass this drug test, you'll probably do anything. Good luck =)
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