Best way to transition from graveyard shift to day shift?

I am going to switch from the graveyard shift to the day shift , and I have tonight and tomorrow to flip my sleep schedule. What is the best way to do this? I would go to sleep earlier but I tend to just lay there for hours on end no matter what I do.

Stay awake for the 24 hour period or so, and then sleep the next night. Its the only way its going to happen on such short notice.
go run a mile and the morning drink coffee and take a cold or lukewarm shower...
Good luck. I'm trying to change my sleep schedual around from sleeping now to sleeping during the day. It takes time for your body to adjust. When I can't sleep, I count backwards from 500 to 0 and I usually fall asleep by like 400. And coffee has caffine in it.
Take melatonin at bedtime. Look at a vitamin or health food store. I've got same schedule its what I use
room darkening shades. take all noise out of room. put dog in his kennel. you won't get used to it right away. your first week might suck, or it might be good. just get as much rest as possible
Drink lots of coffee in the morning and in the evening stay away from sugar. Do this for a week and you should naturally fall into a routine. Or you could try sleeping pills.
I worked a graveyard shift for years then had to switch around a few times to a day shift. The only way I was able to do it was to stay awake for as long as possible after the last over night shift (awake for 24 hours or more), sleep when I couldn't take it anymore then force myself to stay in bed until I had to wake up for the day time shift. It worked for me but if I wasn't careful, I would slowly slip back into my old sleep schedule after the next weekend. Honestly, working the overnight shift for so many years did have somewhat of a lasting effect on me and I still haven't fully recovered. I still have to occasionally 'retrain' myself by staying up for 24-36 hours then crashing to get back on a daytime schedule.
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